Innovation and Function Through Design Engineering and Experience

Stay safe and comfortable in any kind of weather with EZ2CY enclosures.

EZ2CY® Enclosures are able to meet and exceed customer expectations on such a consistent basis because they are made from high quality components along with the best craftsman.

While EZ2CY® was the first to adapt acrylic for use in marine environments, the rest of the enclosure is composed of parts from other companies. Those components were carefully chosen and continually evaluated to maintain the high quality standards of EZ2CY®.

Each component of an EZ2CY® Enclosure contributes to the effectiveness of the system as a whole. The fabrics we chose for our borders are peerless. These versatile fabrics are easy to clean, stronger than any other material of comparable weight, and has up to a ten year limited warranty.

For those reasons, we strongly advocate the use of Stamoid, Sunbrella or BreakWaterX fabrics that matches your boat. However, we have fabricated and installed enclosures with other fabrics since early 1992 and would be glad to accommodate your preferred fabric.

These borders are turned and finished so that frayed edges, which are often associated with simply cutting a hole for the window, are not a problem. SolarFix® thread is used exclusively throughout the EZ2CY® Enclosure.

EZ2CY®'s continuing commitment to Innovation and Function: EZ2CY® has collaborated with YKK® Zipper Company to help create the best marine zipper. YKK® is the largest zipper company in the country.

EZ2CY enclosures are crystal clear, and long-lasting. Whether custom-fit to your Boston Whaler or a full motor yacht, our enclosures are precisely measured for a custom fit, and they last season after season.

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EZ2CY®Customers Say...
"Looks great and the service is excellent!"

"Very happy! I have shown product and installation with pride and recommended both to fellow boaters. Thank you!"

"Great Product -- a precision installation of the highest quality, and a company that stands behind its product. A pleasure to work with!"

"I'm thrilled with the craftsmanship and creativity of my EZ2CY enclosure. I am very pleased with the service and the beautiful results. I'm already getting incredible compliments on my enclosure from stangers. Thanks very much."