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Enclosure Information

As with any quality product, cleaning your EZ2CY® Enclosure is a vital part of keeping it in good working condition, season after season. Look here to find out how to care for your enclosure, including regular maintenance, product recommendations (and warnings), zipper care, and polishing and scratch removal. 

EZ2CY® Enclosures are able to meet and exceed customer expectations on such a consistent basis because they are made from quality components. Each component of an EZ2CY® Enclosure contributes to the effectiveness of the system as a whole. 

EZ2CY® originated and perfected track-to-track installations, and is still unrivaled in this respect. An enclosure's main function is to provide protection from foul weather, wind, and water, while maintaining optimum visibility. However, the ability to let air flow is important when at dock or running in good weather, and is just as important a function. EZ2CY® has many answers to opening panels and allowing airflow. In fact, most owners find opening and closing EZ2CY® Panels easier than conventional enclosures! 

Any enclosure is an expensive purchase. While EZ2CY® is more expensive up front, the long term cost of ownership is lower than competing enclosures. To find out more, check out our Price page. You may also want to read our two articles: Mystery of the Enclosures, and Purchasing an Enclosure. 

Tower Configuration
The design of your tower is an important part of the integrity of your EZ2CY® Enclosure. This section explains some things to watch out for, and some tips on finding a tower company that can accommodate your needs. 


Any enclosure is an expensive purchase. While EZ2CY® is more expensive up front, the long term cost of ownership is lower than competing enclosures. Careful consideration should be given to all choices. Ask owners, visit marinas, and look at boats. See how the various boats and enclosures are holding up, and ask people how happy they are with their enclosures. Divide the initial price of an enclosure by the number of years it will deliver clarity and appearance that you consider acceptable. It will be easy to see why more discriminating yacht owners choose EZ2CY®.

Remember, EZ2CY® Companies have a vested interest in making your enclosure right and keeping you happy! Our reputation is built on how well we satisfy our customers' needs and deliver quality work. And with locations from coast to coast, EZ2CY® is ready to take care of your needs. To find the EZ2CY® Company nearest to you, check the Dealer List by clicking on this link, Dealer Info.

Tower Configuration

EZ2CY® Companies are often asked how a hardtop or tower should be configured to accommodate the EZ2CY® Enclosure. The same rules that govern conventional enclosures also apply to EZ2CY®. Pipework should never interrupt the plane of your enclosure. A pipe running through your front panels will mean ordained leaks, whether you use EZ2CY® or vinyl!

A simple test is to run a piece of string vertically from your top track to the bridge where your enclosure will be fastened. Now slide this string from left to right, around the area that you wish to have enclosed. If it touches a pipe, or worse yet is interrupted at more than the aft corners then you need to talk to your tower person. Most reputable tower companies can accommodate your request while maintaining the integrity of your tower. Check out your tower person's previous work; does it satisfy the string test? If your tower person refuses to talk, you should consider a walk. If he argues that they have been doing it that way for 40 years, ask him why he hasn't figured out how to do it right yet! If you have any questions, please give us a call at 800-448-4317.

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These pages showcase boats which serve as particularly good examples of specific aspects of our enclosures, such as clarity, durability, integrated appearance, distortion-free bends, and track-to-track panel opening. We feature the well respected and well known 63' Ocean Yacht "South Jersey Champion" sporting EZ2CY®'s Enclosure that was installed in October of 1991 just before the boat was displayed at the Annapolis Powerboat Show. After five years and over five hundred billfish releases all of the zippers were replaced and the first photo shown was taken. The boat was sold, renamed the "Ocean Lady" and continued to follow the sun when the second photo was taken after over 8 years of use. Miami became her home and the latest photo of the 63 was taken October 2001. After over TEN years of use, the EZ2CY® Enclosure is as clear as real glass and clearer than any new enclosure you can purchase today. Patented and Proven, clearer than glass, no distortion, no rainbows; just "Clear Class®" EZ2CY®.

EZ2CY® Enclosure after over five years. (only zippers replaced).
EZ2CY® Enclosure after over 8 years. Left side is open. Right side is closed.
EZ2CY® Enclosure after over ten years. Left side is open. Right side is closed.

All subsequent "South Jersey Champion" have had EZ2CY® Enclosures including this 47' Cabo which was installed at our Newport Beach California office before it fished back to Cape May New Jersey.